Livestock Sale

Junior fair exhibitors invest time, money and effort into raising their livestock projects. They learn animal husbandry, production, marketing and agricultural economics, as well as, develop leadership skills and what it takes to work in a team environment. The life skills they learn are invaluable! When sale day comes, jr. fair exhibitors show their projects with pride and hope their hard work pays off with a premium price by a generous buyer(s). We appreciate your support of Pickaway County's youth!

Note:  Exhibitors cannot have any physical contact with anyone outside their immediate family, including judges and buyers (i.e. handshakes, high fives, buyers gifts, and sale placards, etc.)


2021 Jr. Fair Exhibitor Sale Intentions

Sale intentions must be made online no later than 10pm Thursday, June 24th using THIS FORM  NO EXCEPTIONS. Jr. fair exhibitors will be required to sign in with an email address.   

The 2021 Junior Livestock Sale will be on Saturday, June 26th at 10am in Heritage Hall.  Registration starts at 9am at designated Sale Committee area at the south end of Heritage Hall. 

2021 Jr. Fair Livestock Sale Order:  Poultry, Hogs, Cattle, Goats, Sheep, and Rabbits

Download 2021 Buyers Sale Order

New Buyer Registration: Click here to register for 2021 Livestock Sale ONLY if you are a new buyer or information has changed since 2020 sale! Previous buyers do not need to re-register online as long as information has not changed since 2020 sale. Registration closes at 8pm on June 25th. 

Add-ons: this is for one buyer that would like to put additional money on multiple exhibitors animals. Add-on minimum is $20. Add-on form can be emailed to or dropped off at the sales office. Add-ons can also be processed over the phone the day of the sale 812.584.0843.
Click here to download and print off the add-on form. 

We appreciate your support!


2021 Livestock Sale Committee


 THANK YOU to the 2020 Pickaway County Junior Fair Livestock Buyers!


The Pickaway County Farm Bureau Buyers Club ensures young farmers are rewarded for their hard work and dedication!
In the past, lack of bidders or constraints on financial resources to bid on junior fair projects deterred local youth from raising a market animal for the Pickaway County Fair. The Buyers Club was established in 2018 to increase the number of bidders, resources for bidding and average bid price. Young farmers who receive no bids or minimal bids are targeted to ensure a bidder for every animal, and that all young exhibitors receive a premium price for their project. 





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