Livestock Show Schedule

 2021 Fair Schedule 

2021 Livestock Shows

*As a precaution to protect from COVID-19 spread, wearing masks while inside Heritage Hall is encouraged. 

Monday, June 21 @ 8:30am - Junior Fair Market Swine Showmanship (Heritage Hall)

Monday, June 21 @ 9am-Junior Fair Horse Show(Show Pavilion)

Monday, June 21 @ 1pm - Junior Fair Dog Show (Heritage Hall)

Monday, June 21 @ 2pm - Junior Fair Goat Show (Heritage Hall)

Monday, June 21 @ 7pm- Junior Fair Night (Grandstand)

Tuesday, June 22 @ 8:30am  - Junior Fair Market Swine Show / followed by pee wee Hog Showmanship (Heritage Hall North) 

Tuesday, June 22 @ 9am - Junior Fair Horse Show (Show Pavilion)

Tuesday, June 22 @ 4:00pm - Junior Fair Sheep Show/market then breeding then showmanship (Heritage Hall North)

Wednesday, June 23 @ 8:30am - Junior Fair Poultry Show, (followed by showmanship) (Heritage Hall)

Wednesday, June 23 @ 8:30am - Junior Fair Llama and Alpaca Show(Show Pavilion)

Wednesday, June 23 @ 8:30am-Rocket Launch (Grandstands)

Wednesday, June 23 @ 1pm- Junior Fair Beef Show( Show Pavilion)

Wednesday, June 23 @ 9am-2pm-4-H Special Interest Judging 

Thursday, June 24 @ 8:30am - Junior Fair Rabbit Show/market followed by breeding then showmanship (Heritage Hall)

Thursday, June 24 @ 9am - Junior Fair Horse Show (Show Pavilion) 

Thursday, June 24 @ 9am-2pm- Food and Creative Arts Judging(Heritage Hall)

Thursday, June 24 @ 6pm- 4-H Style Review(Amphitheater)

Friday, June 25@ 9am - Showman of Showmen (Heritage Hall) 

Friday, June 25 @ 1pm - Jr Fair Livestock Judging Contest(followed by results) (Heritage Hall)

Saturday, June 26 @ 9am- PAS Horse Show

Saturday, June 26 @ 10am- Jr Livestock Sale

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