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Saturday, June 15, 2019 Livestock Move-In

BE FAMILIAR with all barn procedures, rules, and move-in procedures, route, flow and expectations! Refer to the email sent from the extension office on June 4 for ALL details to assure a safe, efficient move-in.

TACK MOVE-IN THURSDAY 6/13 AND FRIDAY 6/14 between 8am-9pm is ENCOURAGED! Please bring all tack, gates, wheelbarrows, etc on those days so that Saturday is ONLY about unloading animals and keeping the traffic moving.

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Move-in...Saturday, June 15, 2019

Please come prepared with patience,  understanding, an attitude of grace, constructive solutions and team work!! With the brand new buildings and set-up come brand new procedures. Senior Fair Board and Livestock & Sale Committee are planning the most efficient and smooth move-in procedure and set-up.  Familiarize yourself with the move-in expectations and plan accordingly now so that we can assure a safe, smooth, quick and efficient move-in experience for all!

Please note:

  • Be prepared to unload animals ONLY and keep moving as soon as they're placed in their pen(s)! It is encouraged to move tack boxes in Friday.  Any tack brought in Saturday will need to be carried from the parking lot! The streamlined process of unloading animals will not allow time for unloading tack while animals are moved in to keep things moving quickly and efficiently!
  • Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF) is required for every market animal.
  • Scrapie ID tags required for all sheep and goats that are sexually intact. Includes ewes & bucks for sheep, does and bucks for goats. 
  • Rabbits and poultry (except turkeys) will be carried in from parking lot
  • NO POULTRY prior to Saturday, June 15 @ 8am (use inside drive or carry in from parking lot). Poultry arrival will take place between 8am-11am. Weigh-in and required pullorum paperwork will take place upon arrival. 
  • NO HOGS prior to Saturday, June 15 @ 8am (use outside drive).  Hog arrival will take place between 8am-1pm. Hogs are to stay in trailers until vet and livestock & sale committee member have cleared them for entrance into barn.   Weigh-in will take place starting at 4pm on Saturday, June 15.
  • HORSE move-in is Saturday, June 15 2pm-9pm (use inside drive).
  • ALL OTHER SPECIES (not listed above) are asked to wait for move-in after 2pm on Saturday, June 15.
  • All animals must be in place by 9pm Saturday, June 15.
  • NO TRAILERS are permitted to be parked in the parking lot. Violators will be towed.

 Take pride in YOUR new fairgrounds! Please keep our new facilities clean, neat and in good condition. We are asking that exhibitors in each barn sweep their barns daily by 9:00am and throughout the day as needed. See garbage on the ground? Please pick it up and put it in the proper containers.

Jr. Fair Update 1
Jr. Fair Update 2

Goat & Sheep Barn:
There is a board across the back for all tack and feed. It is 18” deep. Everything must be in or over the pens. Nothing may be placed along the walls. Show stands and pop-up tents can be put up starting on Sunday. No fans.

Hog Barn:
There is a board across the back for all tack and feed. It is 18” deep. Everything must be in or over the pens.
Nothing may be placed along the walls. No fans.

Cattle Barn:
Inside the barn: if you are assigned a space along the wall you will have a tie board. If you are down the center you will have pipe-gates to tie to. Fans are allowed in the cattle barn. Bring your own gates & posts if you want to separate your pen spaces. Posts must be removed at the end of fair. No bulk deliveries of mulch or shavings please.

Rabbit & Poultry Barn:
No fans. Feed and supplies may not fit under the pens. An area will be designated for these items.

Horse Barn:
No staples for banners etc. Plan to have banners with grommets and use zip ties only. Depending on size, clubs will have 1 or 2 tack/feed stalls. Show boxes may go outside the pens, up against the pen wall. No boxes in the center barn aisle. No fans. Stall mats may be used but must be removed at the end of fair.

THANK YOU posters for buyers is always appreciated and strongly encouraged by all exhibitors! Posters can be attached to pen/stall with PLASTIC ZIP TIES ONLY. In hog, goat and sheep barns they must go on arch above pen. Rabbit, poultry, cattle exhibitors check with your barn superintendent once you're settled in on designated area for posters to be hung. USE OF STAPLES, DUCT TAPE, PUSH PINS, NAILS, GLUE, ETC. IS PROHIBITED.

Check the Pickaway County OSU Extension Youth Development website regularly for all of the most updated information 

2019 Fair Schedule 

2019 Livestock Requirement Summary

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2019 Junior Fair Exhibitor Information

Saturday, June 15  - poultry weigh-in upon arrival (between 8am-11am) - Hog weigh-in @ 4pm

Sunday, June 16 @ 12:30pm - REQUIRED Livestock Jr. Exhibitor Meeting & showmanship sign-up  (location tbd)

Sunday, June 16 @ 1pm  - ALL SPECIES WEIGH-IN in barns (hog weigh-in takes places Sat 6/15 @ 4pm, poultry weigh-in takes place Sat 6/15 upon arrival between 8am-11am)

Tuesday, June 18 6:30am-8am - Release of designated "take-home" market hogs ONLY 

(date tbd) - Market Animal Designation (time tbd) in Sale Committee Office (location tbd)

Saturday, June 22 7am-9am - Release of market animals designated as "take-homes" and breeding animals ONLY (except swine and horses) 



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